Democratic Reform and Accountability

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Issue Summary

As your Member of Parliament, I will work to...

  • Promote governance procedures to support less partisanship and more cooperation and collaboration among MPs
  • Reform House of Commons Standing Orders to strengthen our democracy through improved debate, better scrutiny of legislation, and stronger involvement by citizens
  • Improve accountability for Cabinet, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Privy Council Office
  • Support Electoral Reform including proportional representation


We all want politicians and those who work for them to follow the rules and to act with integrity – to be ethical. Most of us expect that our structures and procedures of governance – our institutions – will support, promote and uphold good governance. We expect that checks and balances be in place to inform decision-making and when necessary expose inappropriate action and correct it. We are, after all, a country that is founded on the rule of law, with an advanced political and legal system and where, ultimately, final accountability is found through the ballot box.  

For me the last ten months have been eye-opening and a personal reminder that while Canada, thankfully, is considered as one of the most democratic, ethical and least corrupt countries in the world (e.g., the Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index 2018, ranks Canada 6th), good governance can not be taken for granted and requires hard work and due diligence to maintain. We cannot be complacent and there is always room for improvement.

Accordingly, I have written two posts which explore aspects of our political culture and provide some suggestions about how we can improve it. The first looks at why good governance matters and some of the challenges facing our governance system and changes that are needed. The second focuses on electoral reform.  

While I certainly do not have all the answers – nor for that matter all the questions that need to be asked – I am sharing some ideas that I hope can contribute to the conversation, help us learn, and build from our experiences.

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