Issues - Jody Wilson-Raybould

As an independent candidate for Vancouver Granville, I am going to depend on our community to help identify the issues and shape the policy proposals that that are important to Vancouver Granville.  When re-elected in 2019 as your Member of Parliament I will champion these issues on behalf of us all.

To begin this process I have included some of the issues that we have already identified as being important to Vancouver Granville.  The list will grow, along with the discussion, as the Campaign proceeds, and as we receive your feedback.  I look forward to your contributions and please check back regularly.


Political Culture

Climate Change

Indigenous Peoples


Our Economy


Health, Mental Health and Addiction

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  • Jennifer Canas
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  • Kirsten Ebsen
    commented 2019-06-28 15:09:32 -0700
    This may be more of a civic problem but it’s huge. The mayhem drivers who care not for rules of the road and jeopardize everyone’s safety, including other drivers, public transit drivers with their human cargo, and pedestrians. Can Ottawa bring in a law making it mandatory for anyone coming into Canada to hold a Canadian drivers license, or prove that they know and respect our road laws before they are allowed to drive here? It’s crucial. American rules are similar to ours. I’m thinking of China in particular. And no, I’m not racist, just a concerned citizen.
  • Janet Digby
    commented 2019-06-02 08:55:44 -0700
    I would add some form of ‘Health, Mental Health and Addiction’ to the list.
  • Robert Jago
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  • Onsum Woo
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