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Poll released September 5, 2019, conducted for the Jody Wilson-Raybould Campaign*







*Note: The JWR team has concerns about how polling might be used in the 2019
Election based on our experiences from the 2015 campaign. Polls are notoriously
difficult to conduct at the riding level and not all pollsters are as good at it as others.
- the recent Nanaimo by-election being an example. Was the sample size
large enough? Were only landlines used or did the pollster go to the expense and
trouble of finding and calling cell numbers? How were the questions asked and in
what order – when was the voting intention question asked? Was any attempt made
to determine whether the respondent actually knew if they lived in the riding? And
so on. Accordingly, and following best practices in local riding polling to ensure the
highest degree of accuracy, the JWR Campaign commissioned and paid for this poll
that was conducted prior to the election period.